My Story

Hey there! I'm Annie. 

I’m a Kansas City girl, born and raised, with a passion for calligraphy, awesome events, fresh flowers and pretty things. I believe that a handwritten note means more than 100 emails. I think calligraphy tells a story – about who you are, where you’ve been and what's in store. Hence, the name. I get to work with people at a crossroads in their lives. Whether you're having kids, getting married, preparing for a graduation or rejoicing in a friend's promotion, one thing is always true: nothing can beat being invited to step into people's stories and celebrate with them. Isn't my job the coolest? 

My Little Dream

Looking back, I’ve always loved lettering. While my day to day writing looks more and more like chicken scratch with every passing year, I remember obsessing over handwriting as a kid – perfecting each and every letter form on my spelling tests. Fast forward a few decades, and I’ve come to cherish not just the letters themselves – but what they allow us to do. They help us communicate a level of detail, care and tenderness that simply can’t be replaced with technology. While I haven’t saved every nice email I’ve received, I have a massive stack of handwritten cards from those I love that grows with each passing year.

I started Crossroad Calligraphy because I’m a firm believer that handlettered notes, custom envelopes and more shouldn’t just be reserved for special occasions. Whether you’re planning a wedding, throwing your best friend’s baby shower or just wanting to send your sister something pretty, I’m here to make that process easy. My calligraphy style is modern meets boho. I think it rocks to take risks. And I love making events special without making them stuffy.

While I'm based in Kansas City, I work for clients across the nation – so take a minute and say hey. I’d love to meet you!