How do I reserve your calligraphy services?

After I’ve provided a quote which is agreed upon, I’ll send an invoice. To reserve calligraphy services – and ensure other weddings aren’t booked the same weekend as yours - a 50% deposit is required. The wedding season is a busy one and I want to make sure I get you on my calendar right away to give you the undivided attention you deserve!

Do I need to provide extra envelopes / place cards etc.?

Yes please! I request 10% more envelopes / place cards than you ordered. While I try to avoid errors at all costs, ink splatters or minor errors are inevitable, so the extra envelopes allow me some wiggle room to make sure every single product you receive is perfect. I’ll save a few envelopes – just in case any errors are found – and then all remaining envelopes will be shipped back to you with the order.

How should I provide the names / addresses / information for envelope or place card orders?

I accept both word documents and excel spreadsheets sent via email – Information should be listed exactly how you’d like it printed i.e. if you’d like formal titles included, those should be written on the spreadsheets.  

These sites provide great guidelines for addressing envelopes:

Real Simple
Emily Post

But I’m all about breaking the rules. If you aren’t a formal couple, no need for formal titles.

Eeeek. My guest list has expanded since I sent the envelopes. What should I do?

Totally understand! I’ll use some of the extra envelopes you sent to address additions to the guest list. These will be charged at the same price per envelope quoted and will be added to the final invoice.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Once I have your order, I'll touch base to discuss timing, which varies based on the number of envelopes requested or scope of a job. Custom pieces might take a smidge longer, but I always do my absolute best to meet your timeline.  Shipping will take an additional two days, or I can schedule a drop off if you’re in Kansas City.

How are items shipped?

All items are shipped via USPS Priority Two Day Mail.

Will my items get damaged when mailed?

No! I do everything possible to protect the product in shipping – including multiple layers of packaging and stiff envelopes and/or boxes to avoid damage. If something is damaged upon arrival, please contact me immediately and I will rush order a replacement at no cost.

I found a spelling error on one of my envelopes. Now what?

Oh no! If you find an error, I sincerely apologize. I’ll fix it immediately at no cost and send it back via priority mail the very next day.

What if the quantity changes from my initial quote?

No worries! I understand fluctuating guest lists. Your full deposit will be applied to the cost, regardless of how the number fluctuates. Additions/reductions will be incorporated and reflected via the final invoice for the remaining costs.  

How do I pay?

You can pay by cash or check or I can invoice you so you can pay using any major credit card. 50% of the order is due upon booking and the remainder of the cost is due prior to pick up. For large wedding projects, invoices are due the Monday of the wedding week. For orders being shipped, invoices are due prior to shipping.

Do you do certificates?

Unfortunately, because of the time required to coordinate pick up / drop off of projects like these, I no longer provide calligraphy on certificates. My sincere apologies!

Please note, any projects totaling less than $100 require pick up by the customer.